Evonik is a world leader in the production of high performance polymer powders, which have been used in 3d printing for over 20 years.

plastic powder materials for 3d printing

Polymer powders

Evonik is a world leader in the production of high performance polymer powders, which have been used in 3d printing for over 20 years. The specialty chemicals company offers a wide range of plastic powder materials like PA 12, PEBA, PMMA or PEEK suitable for various 3d printing technologies. 

pioneer in development of customized polyamide 12 powders 

Evonik has developed and produced special plastic materials, which allow for the industrial production of high-tech components in using 3D printing technologies for years. Polyamide 12-based powders VESTOSINT® convince with their high quality and processing capabilities, and the property profile of each powder is perfectly matched to the respective 3D printing technology such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), High Speed Sintering (HSS), Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) or Binder Jetting.

The new grade of PA-12 powders from Evonik convinces with superior mechanical properties and is FDA compliant, as the components printed on the basis of VESTOSINT® can be approved by the Food and Drug Administration for food contact. So, the use of additive manufacturing technologies in food production equipment components which require flexibility due to limited quantities or unique, complex designs is conceivable.

In close collaboration with our partners like EOS, HP Inc., 3D Systems or Voxeljet, we further develop our high performance polymers setting new standards for powder materials in 3d printing. 

Innovative polymer powders for 3D printing

flexible plastic material based on PEBA

Evonik has developed the world’s first flexible plastic material based on PEBA (polyether block amide) for use in 3D printing. The new high-performance powder stands out for its high elasticity and strength and is suitable for a variety of powder-based 3D printing technologies.

3D printed parts made from the new PEBA powder show a high degree of flexibility, excellent resistance to chemicals and outstanding durability over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 90°C. The powder is also ideally suited for the manufacture of functional 3D high-tech plastic parts – for prototypes as well as series products.

The flexible synthetic powder was optimized for use in EOS laser sintering systems as part of an intensive development collaboration between the specialty chemicals company and the leading technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers.


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