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Leading in additive manufacturing trough global innovation network

Evonik bundles its expertise in 3D printing in the group’s additive manufacturing innovation growth field. The strategic focus here is on the development and manufacturing "ready-to-use" high-performance materials along common technologies. Collaborations with customers and partners are an important innovation driver.

Evonik's 3D printing activities are bundled in an innovation growth field. We draw on necessary resources to constantly develop new materials, expand our production capacities, and bring external expertise in-house. All these measures create the general framework for us to be at the forefront. Our years of expertise in polymer chemistry are the basic prerequisite for our success. In addition, we have built up a strong industry partner network over the years. Within those networks, we actively shape the market and set trends to always stay one step ahead.

Our core innovation competencies

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Global 3D printing innovation network

Our global innovation network unite polmer-based expertise in development of new ready-to-use materials for additive manufacturing:

We draw on the enormous chemical expertise of our researchers in component development and formulation. On this basis, we can offer the market a unique product with excellent properties and help our customers to conquer new application areas. Our aim is

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