The Innovation Field Direct Manufacturing @Creavis develops new material solutions for 3d printing technologies that enable industrial part production. The focus are ready to use material systems in the field of polymers and ceramics.

The role of Creavis in the overall strategic 3D printing landscape of Evonik is to focus on mid to long term developments that are beyond the market and technology focus of the current 3D printing businesses.

The Team of the Innovation Field Direct Manufacturing @Creavis consists on one hand of business experts to assess the current 3d printing market and its future development. On the other hand a team of technical experts identifies the latest technology and material trends in 3D printing and establishes the necessary external networks and corresponding in-house competencies.

The combination of the market and technology expertise leads to a growing portfolio of development projects for new material solutions that enable industrial part production with a focus on polymer based materials and ceramics. To ensure a sustainable success of the projects a toolset is applied not only for the economic evaluation (profit), but also for the environmental impact (planet) and the social aspects (people).

One result of the market and technology assessment of the Innovation Field Direct Manufacturin team is the shown analysis of the main 3D printing technologies versus their general applications. It supported the identification of major drawbacks that hinder the implementation of 3D printing in industrial part production.


In summary three main challenges have been identified:

  • Speed and productivity of the applied printing technology
  • Performance, mainly mechanical performance, of the printed part
  • Variety of available materials and/or variety of available part properties

In addition to further in depth market and technology analysis the team has established a broad network of external experts, research facilities and cooperation partners within the 3D printing community. This enables the team of the Innovation Field Direct Manufacturin to focus on the right projects and to develop an overall 3D printing strategy and marketing roadmap. The project portfolio is aligned with the corresponding businesses inside Evonik to ensure the successful implementation into the product portfolio, later on.

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