Nano composites

Evonik is one of the leading manufacturers of nano composites. Silica based nanoparticle composites  boost the performance of 3D printed products. They can be used in numerous 3D printing technologies like stereolithography and material jetting. 

Nano Composites

Evonik offers modifiers that improve edge sharpness as well as fracture toughness of 3D printed materials. These silica based nanoparticle composites enable clear, UV-curable formulations with a very high modulus for use in stereolithography and material jetting applications, while not compromising the viscosity due to their narrow particle size distribution.

Tiny particles, huge effects

With a diameter of only 20 nanometers the surface-modified, agglomerate-free silica particles can be easily mixed with reactive resin matrices based on epoxy resins or acrylics. The matrices may contain up to 50% w/w of the spherical silica particles and still will stay low viscous and crystal clear.

Incorporation of the liquid composites in formulations is easy. They can be easily mixed with classical fillers. Due to their excellent processability the silica based nanoparticle composites will not form agglomerates or sediments.

Evonik provides a variety of solutions to improve your 3D printing materials and processes. The nanosilica particle filled resins NANOCRYL® and NANOPOX® lend superior properties to 3D printing materials. The reactive modifiers significantly reduce shrinkage resulting in improved edge sharpness and very high accuracy. In their role as a functional additives NANOCRYL® and NANOPOX® improve the modulus and the fracture toughness of 3D printed products.